We are committed to realization of business tasks with highest professional and ethical standards.

About us

To be an acclaimed and reliable brand in the steel industry.

Yugometal is one of the leading distributor of products from the field of metallurgy on the Serbian market, which is successfully positioned on the international markets as well (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro an Albania).

We provide our clients with the best service, high-quality products, support in sales and development all that by following and taking care of their expectations. We react proactively, innovatively and flexibly.

We provide our employees with a safe, high-quality and pleasant work environment with a chance of development and improvement. We are dedicated to creating an atmosphere with which we can encourage team work, training, constant learning, being initiative, innovative and creative. It is our aim to create an environment which allows a healthy work-life balance for our employees. This kind of dedication enables us to attract and hold on to the best and the most qualified cadre, to provide them with work environment that there are proud of, making them enjoy the work they are doing, always going in the direction of the assigned mission.

Responsible towards employees, the market, the environment and towards all communities where we conduct our management



Yugometal was founded on the 5th of January 1990.

The year 1990. is also linked with the beginning of the collaboration with the company Železara Smederevo doo (HBIS GROUP Serbia Iron & Steel ).


First press for HVL and TVL

In 1992. we bought our first press for HVL and TVL and we became the leaders in the distribution of these metal sheets not only in Serbia but in the whole region as well.


Production sheds

In 1994. the first HQ in 3.500m2 was built consisting partly from production sheds and partly from office space.


New retail facilities

We remember the year 2000. by spreading commerce in the way of opening retail facilities in Kraljevo and also the start of importation of zinc coated metal sheets.


Italian manufacturer of steel Mercegaglia

In 2012. we started collaboration with Italian manufacturer of steel Mercegaglia and commenced service and distribution of metal sheets from their range in Serbian and Montenegro.



We start with the distribution of Chinese zinc coated and laminated metal sheets in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2014.


New storage capacities

We opened storage capacities in Rijeka, Belgrade (ŽIT) and Bar, we also spread distributing net on the whole Balkan peninsula in 2017.



In 2018. we modernised a machine park trough investment in slitter and a press for cutting and cross cutting of the metal sheet from 0,3 up to 2.5 mm in thickness.