leading distributor of products

a large selection of sheet metal

Hot-rolled, cold-rolled, galvanized sheet...


YUGOMETAL is one of the leading distributor of products from the field of metallurgy on the Serbian market.

...which is successfully positioned on the international markets as well (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and Albania).

30 years of experience

Behind us is 30 years of experience when the field of metallurgy is in question.

An expert team

We have an expert team that provides our clients excellent service.

Satisfied customers

We always try to maximally satisfy our clients requirements.

More than 30 employees

We have grown into a stable company that employs more than 30 employees, and this number is constantly growing.

Mission & Vision

Being a synonym for top distribution of  good of the ferrous metallurgy, esteemed and respected business partners to all clients, responsible towards employees, the market, the environment and towards all communities where we conduct our management. We are committed to setting clearly defined and measurable goals that we communicate frankly and directly. We respect individuality, personal and professional differences. We are committed to realization of business tasks with highest professional and ethical standards while at the same time we treat and take care of every business mean as if it was our own.

By working on our knowledge, experience and commerce achievements we want to hold onto the position as a leading distributor of metallurgy products on every market on which we do business. Thanks to thirty year long experience we continue our joint journey and as well as setting of new expectations. Values that led us to a successful management now need to be upgraded and improved.

The importance of vision for the functioning of the whole team reflects in carrying out even better business efficiency and personal contribution of every employee is necessary.

We expect from every individual to give their contribution to maintaining the leader’s seat, trough understanding of the vision and by giving an example in work and also in collaboration with colleagues. Only if we are focused on each other and aware of our personal responsibility, will we stay number one. We acknowledge and believe in the strength of every employee, because we can only be strong together if our individuals are strong.


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